Manage poisonings more efficiently

New online service for veterinarians!

ToxBuddy is an online information service helping veterinarians quickly assess and treat potential poisonings in dogs. ToxBuddy covers a constantly growing list of 300+ substances and all the information necessary for efficient poisoning management including:

Toxin Calculator

Instant exposure dose calculation and toxicity assessment

Clinical Signs

All potential clinical signs associated with a particular substance


Guidelines for decontamination procedures, including emesis induction, charcoal administration, and gastric lavage


Information on diagnostic options to help with diagnosis and to support treatment

Treatment Guidelines

Checklists for symptomatic treatment including relevant medication with dosages

Monitoring & Prognosis

Clinical parameters to be monitored, followed by prognostic factors

ToxBuddy dog with chocolate bar
ToxBuddy is your new best friend in managing poisonings in your dog patients – give it a try and see for yourself!

Free Emesis Induction Guide!

Induction of emesis in dogs is often the first step of decontamination following ingestion of potentially toxic substances. We’ve put together a table of some common poisonous substances with their typical time frames for emesis induction in dogs. Hang the ToxBuddy emesis induction guide on your practice wall or save it on your computer for easy access. The guide contains over 30 substances and you can download it for free!
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